Introducing NASGO - A fundamentally new concept

NASGO is a new trading game of skill where players can buy and sell shares in virtual companies. Using the information and intelligence provided in press releases and weekly NASGO newsletters, players analyse the market and trade shares to create winning portfolios.

Although NASGO and all the companies listed are products of the virtual world, the elements driving the game are a realistic blend of events, personalities and market conditions. Each company will report to the stock market about their activities, future plans and results.


Wenyard & NASGO - a powerful combination

The synergy between the Wenyard program with its real time bonus distribution and the way it’s linked to the fast paced NASGO stock market game generates excitement and enthusiasm in the

This game of skill has growth potential beyond all other online games or virtual financial markets!

NASGO is a game of skill where players can trade shares in virtual companies - with real money!

  • NASGO opens a previuosly hard to reach business to be available for everyone, worldwide!
  • The virtual trading platforms provides a gaming experience in a fast paced world where everything is possible!
  • The system features unique algorithms and parameters which simulates the real economic world
  • All players can analyse the market and create winning strategies
  • Each NASGO company will report to the virtual stock market about their activities, future plans and results

Join Wenyard today to start your trade gaming in NASGO